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Treasure Chasers
Tales of Stercoran
A compendium of themed Mini-Solo Adventures
for Tunnels & Trolls.

Tales of Stercoran
$4.00 PDF
6.50 (+ shipping) Print

Tales of Stercoran Cover Life is peaceful in the hobb fishing village of Hakesend beside the Azure Ocean. It is so peaceful that the inhabitants have all but forgotten their seabird god, Stercoran. So when a map to his cave-shrine is found, it seems only an opportunity to hunt for treasure. But when the shrine is disturbed, all manner of trouble may follow.

Will you be the one to claim the precious idol, or to deal with the monstrous consequences? Will you raid the tower to get it back, or brave the dangers of the road to bring it home to Hakesend? And will you dare to defend the village from supernatural attack?

Tales of Stercoran is a collection of five short solo adventures for low-level characters, suitable for all versions of Tunnels & Trolls. Though the solos can be played independently, each is an episode in a single overarching story. This is the first volume in the Treasure Chasers series from Tavernmaster Games and features writing and artwork from our entire team.

All profits from sales of this volume go to the Jeff Freels Transplant Fund. If you'd like to donate, please visit the Jeffwerx Transplant Fund.

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Tales of Stercoran BruinSTERCORAN'S SHRINE

by Sid Orpin

In the fishing village of Hakesend a map emerges and leads you to a long-forgotten shrine by the sea. But its treasures are not free for the taking...



by Sid Orpin

Horror comes to Hakesend, in the form of some monstrous creature in the ocean. Is it driven here by the wrath of Stercoran? Regardless, it falls to you to conquer this beast or die trying.


Tales of Stercoran Cult WarriorGETTING THE BIRD

by Jason Mills

An idol sacred to Stercoran has found its way to Trondhelm and fallen into the hands of a powerful alchemist. For the survival of Hakesend, you must steal it away again!



by Andy James

The road to Hakesend runs through bandit territory. Yet these are no ordinary bandits. You it is who must bring the idol safely home, against terrifying odds.


Tales of Stercoran Back CoverBLOOD FOR THE TIGER CULT

by Andy R Holmes

Those who seek the power of the idol are not deterred by the meagre defences of a fishing village. Hakesend is besieged by a horde of ferocious enemies and looks to you for its salvation!

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