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Sideshow By Andy R. Holmes
A Solo & GM Adventure for Tunnels & Trolls.

By Andy R. Holmes
$1 PDF

Sideshow Cover Roll up! Roll up! Come and visit the Sideshow. With time on your hands after a night of satisfying all of your desires, what better way to spend a few happy hours than to enter the colourful tents that you discover down a quiet alley in an unknown part of town? After all, what could there be here that would pose any sort of threat to an adventurer like you?

Sideshow is a mini solitaire adventure for use with Tunnels & Trolls. It was designed with the 5th Edition of the Rules in mind, but can be easily adapted for other Editions. It is suitable for first level characters only and some magic spells are permitted.

In addition to the solo adventure, this special edition includes a section with descriptions and a map that will allow it to be used as a GM Adventure.

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Sideshow OgreIt is a slow day in Leechwater. Darrgh's Den is closed due to an outbreak of dough-foot, and most of the taverns are peaceful following a wild weekend of brawls and drunken debauchery. You are slightly hung-over and tired following a rather pleasant night spent at one of the city's more savoury establishments, where you relieved yourself of a handful of gold, which in turn bought you every manner of pleasure at the hands of several of the city's finest ladies of twilight.

However, it is still several days until your next adventure, and that shouldn't be too taxing as it is just a foray into Goblin Crag, which you have heard is a walk in the park. Mind you, the strange fellow named Dekh, whom you met in the boudoir of Dixie the elf last night, didn't seem to be that knowledgeable, but insisted that you should go and try it out anyway. Maybe he has shares in the place?

Sideshow Clowns No matter, when the time comes, you will no doubt decide whether to go or not. But for today, all you are up for is a walk on the edge of the city, a largely unexplored area for you. After an hour or so of wandering through cobbled alleys, market stalls and colourful gypsy caravans, you turn into a street you had not heard of before. Looking at the city map that you bought from a sly looking hobb last week, the street does not seem to appear. Nevertheless, you wander down Ominous Way and soon you spot a strange doorway. A flashing sign, which must be magical, simply reads, Sideshow - Please Enter.

Sideshow Back Cover Peering through the door, which is ajar, you can see an area filled with tents and caravans. There appears to be some sort of ticket booth just through the door, and behind it is a huge arrangement of canvas tents supported by tall posts and held upright by wires. It appears to be some sort of amusement attraction. Well, this is most unusual! Perhaps it is a travelling gypsy camp, where you can get your fortune told in tea leaves, try your hand at the wheel of fortune and win a goldfish in the hoopla! Yes, that all sounds like good clean fun, and a good way to spend the rest of the day. Checking that you have some gold and silver to spend, you step through the door and head for the ticket booth, where you see a dark figure sitting.

Although you cannot hear him, the creature in the pay booth smiles and mutters to himself as you approach, "Heh heh heh, prepare the show, for here comes another..."

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WARNING: Contains bizarre, bloody violence, mild peril and some sexual references.

All proceeds from the sale of this adventure go to the Jeff Freels Transplant Fund.

Available in PDF as a $1 Download from DriveThruRPG.


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