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Devotion To Duty By Sid Orpin
A Solo Adventure for Tunnels & Trolls.

Devotion To Duty
By Sid Orpin
$3.50 PDF
6.00 (+ shipping) Print

Devotion To Duty Cover Devotion to Duty is a mini solitaire adventure for use with the Tunnels & Trolls role-playing system created by Ken St.Andre. It has been designed for use with version 7.5 of the rules but could easily be adapted for use with earlier editions.

Within its 90 adventure paragraphs you take on the persona of a novice of the great Goddess Hoepht in their struggle to pass the trials of progression. Succeed and you will become an initiate of your deity, fail and you will be cast back into the secular world from which you came.

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Devotion To Duty WarriorAt the southernmost tip of the sprawling arms of the East Brahm Mountains sits the market town of Solihar. At the crossroads of the main streets, close to the river, is the Hospice of the Brotherhood of the Integument of the Great Goddess Hoepht. Your year as a novice of that good order is nearly at an end. For months you have helped give succour to the needy and protection to the vulnerable. Your compassion and empathy for your fellow beings has been exemplary. Early one morning, the head of the brotherhood appears at the door to your cell. The abbot, Ijanfar the 'Unctuous', is a small, punctilious human with fair skin, thinning grey hair and a calm manner that borders on the serene. He tells you that your trial of progression is about to begin. Pass the tests laid before you, and you will become an Aspirant, or initiate, a wandering cleric charged with upholding the vows of the order all over the Dragon continent. Fail, and you will be cast out into the secular world from whence you came.

Devotion To Duty Dragon No further words are exchanged between you two. You know that you must follow, and you do so with head bowed, keeping precisely two paces behind the elder. You begin the ascent of the Tower of Advancement and slowly climb the 393 steps. At the top, you emerge breathless, though the abbot doesn't appear to have even broken sweat. You are on a flat round platform 12 feet across with a black marble plinth at its centre. There is no handrail or other barrier to prevent potential falls. It's a Health and Safety nightmare!

Devotion To Duty Back CoverThe platform, far above the valley floor, is enveloped in a thick mist that deadens all sound and obscures even the views across to the distant mountains. Ijanfar directs you to the plinth and then turns and begins to walk back down the stairs. The moment you take your first step, four wooden doors, each painted a different colour (black, brown, red and green), appear at the very edge of the platform. A quiet voice in your mind tells you that you will need to pass through them all before the trial is over. Your future in the service of your goddess depends on how well you perform in the next few hours.

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