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Rapscallion By Sid Orpin
A Solo Adventure for Tunnels & Trolls.

By Sid Orpin
$2.00 PDF
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Rapscallion Cover You have always sacrificed a little of your hard-won gold to Ylsenor, the god of the rogues. In return, you have enjoyed more than your fair share of good fortune. Today, just as you think your luck has finally run out, your deity snatches you from death's jaws, but now you are expected to entertain the great Dissembler. Take on his challenge, and prove his faith in you is well founded, and the rewards may be great. Fail him, and you may never have the opportunity to pay homage to him again...

Rapscallion is a Solitaire Adventure module for play with Tunnels & Trolls. Any rogue character of 1st to 3rd level may explore its 142 adventure paragraphs. It has been written with the 7th/7.5th Edition of the Rule Book in mind, though it will adapt to earlier Editions.

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Rapscallion WolfmanIn the pantheon of the gods, Ylsnor (pronounced yell-sen-orr), by some named the Dissembler, might be considered the least of the deities to which rogues such as you might offer up prayers. Perhaps it is his reputation as a champion of the lost and dispossessed - or maybe it is the fact that the back door to the local temple is less than 100 yards from your favourite watering hole - that has always attracted you to him.

Rapscallion Tome But whatever your god's appeal, you have regularly sacrificed a small part of your hard won gold to him and you seem to have enjoyed slightly more than your fair share of good fortune in return.

Today, however, that good fortune appears to have come to an abrupt end.

Rapscallion Back CoverGiven two minutes to prepare for the afterlife, before the man with the big axe instructs his associates to hold you still while he prepares to swing, you have just enough time to curse that miscreant Gabor to the pit of everlasting bankruptcy for passing you stolen goods. As the weapon begins its descent towards your neck, you say one last prayer to Ylsnor. Then, without you feeling pain of any kind, your world turns black. You cannot move. Time passes - or perhaps it doesn't now that you are beyond the trials of the mortal plain. You imagine that you see a faint light, like a guttering candle, bobbing towards you. Is that the sound of soft footfalls as well? A tall man in dark robes, the hood pushed back to reveal a shock of shoulder-length black hair and a drooping moustache, approaches. He exudes an air of power and calm. It dawns on you that this is Ylsnor himself. He has saved you from an undeserved death!

Dropping to your knees, you give thanks to your god. He smiles warmly and greets you with words that will be forever graven in your memory: "Get up, you bloody fool. I am not the great Dissembler, but merely an acolyte of his. I am called Adrenn, and I am here to help you. Our Lord has smiled on you this day and now expects you to take on a challenge to please him and confirm that his favour has not been ill placed."

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