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Formication By Sid Orpin
A Solo Adventure for Tunnels & Trolls.

By Sid Orpin
$2.75 PDF
4.50 (+ shipping) Print

Formication Cover You are a newly commissioned officer in the Royal Guard of the fairy kingdom of Cerinor. Captured by your sworn enemy, the batkin hordes of the Marble Mountains, you have been sent into a nest of giant fire ants to retrieve ant larvae for the delectation of the batkin hierarchy. Can you survive in the claustrophobic confines of the ant colony long enough to be able to attempt an escape, or will the creatures of entomological nightmare within put an end to your adventures for good?

Formication is a mini solitaire adventure for use with the Tunnels & Trolls role-playing system. It has been designed for use with 7.5 Edition of the rules, but could be adapted for use with earlier editions.

This adventure is designed for a newly created fairy warrior of first or second level.

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Formication BatkinThe enmity between your race and the batkin hordes of the Marble Mountains is generations old. As a newly commissioned officer in the royal guard of the fairy kingdom of Cerinor, you had expected to face them in honourable combat at some time. When you set off this morning at the head of your troop for the first time, your armour gleaming in the morning sun, you thought you were headed towards glory. Unfortunately, your first day did not turn out the way you had planned. Overwhelmed by a large party of batkin and dragged away as their prisoner, you can only wonder what awaits you . . .

Formication Spider The stories told by your people of the insane cruelty of the batkin race seem well founded. You are dumped unceremoniously into a dingy pit of a dungeon along with at least a dozen other bedraggled and starving creatures. A futile attempt to flee is dealt with by swift retribution from whip and cudgel.

Formication Back CoverWhile you wait in the dark, a skeletal ratling hunched next to you explains what your enemies have in store for you. The larvae of the giant fire ants that are found in great numbers hereabouts are considered a rare delicacy amongst the batkin hierarchy. Rather than destroying the nest to get to them, thus ending the supply, they prefer to send in prisoners and even members of their own kind to steal them, thus ensuring that the production line continues. This is what you have been chosen to do.

To help you appear "invisible" while in the colony, the batkin will spray you with a substance to make you smell like an ant. It only lasts a limited time, though, and after that time has passed you will be all too obvious to every fire ant in the whole stinking place.

As you ponder the situation, you and the ratling are dragged away by two burly batkin guards. It looks as though you are about to find out just what terrors await you in the fire ants' colony . . .

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