International Tabletop Day

While flicking through some gaming related material on the internet a week or so ago, I spotted that March 30th had been designated international tabletop day. A day to get down to some good old fashioned gaming. Since the nearest organised event was some distance away we in the Darrgh T household decided to have our very own event. Whether it could be described as organised I would hesitate to suggest. We decided what games we were going to play and then got right on with it.

To warm up we got stuck into a couple of our favourite dice games: Zombie Dice 2 from Steve Jackson Games and Martian Dice by another TMG, Tasty Minstrel Games. Myself and my children William and Isobel played both and to say it got competitive would be something of an understatement. I came away with the spoils for Zombie Dice while William snatched victory from his sister with a last minute scoring throw of truly epic proportions in Martian Dice. With Isobel managing second place in both games, we were all three of us equal on points going into the next event.


From dice games we moved onto a classic 80s combat board game: Battlecars by Games Workshop. This really has a special place in my heart as I used to play it with my friends when I was in my first year at University. Back then we all used to strive hard for victory and our game was no different. My wife joined in this one, though like me, she was quickly reduced to limping around the board in a no-tyre wreck while trying to avoid further attacks from the kids. After gunning me down as I fled my vehicle for the cover of nearby buildings, she too was sent to the great scrapyard in the sky leaving the final shoot-out between William and Isobel. Finally, with both their cars immobilised it was reduced to a running gun battle. They both ran out of ammunition and so the contest was declared an honourable draw.

Having decamped  to my in-laws for dinner, we decided to move onto the fabulous card game, Braggart from Spiral Galaxy Games, a company based here in the UK. Many a fine boast later and with all participants scoring well, it was once more Isobel who emerged triumphant. It had been quite a long time since we had played this game as we’d managed to misplace it, but having decided this was the game for us, we spent a considerable amount of time searching it out from the corner in which it had been hidden. I’m so glad we did as we had a really enjoyable session of play.

And finally, to some role-playing. It was getting a bit late by the time William and I got out the Tunnels & Trolls and decided to run a couple of new characters through a solo or two. Mark Thornton’s (Khaghbboomm from Trollhalla) ‘Pressure Drop’ and David Ullery’s (I cannot remember his Trollhalla avatar, sorry David) ‘Tower of Terror’ came down off the shelf.

Dave’s solo is a large one at almost 300 paragraphs and somewhat reminiscent of the classic Ken St. Andre offering Deathtrap Equaliser Dungeon where you can take on just a single encounter or, for the truly heroic types, attempt all the individual adventures in order. After almost coming to grief at the hands (should that be jaws?) of the tower guard dogs our character went on to ignominious defeat shortly afterwards. Next time we’ll take someone a bit tougher in.

Mark has had an amazingly productive 2012/13 with lots of solos and the odd GM adventure appearing. We played using his recently released omnibus for last year. In Pressure Drop, your character is shrunk down to microscopic proportions and then plunged inside a living being to explore and attempt to survive in a totally alien environment. It’s all very reminiscent of classic scifi films such as Inner Space; I must ask Mark if that was his inspiration. Our dwarf warrior, Dercott Relander, struggled from the outset failing CON rolls and suffering battle damage. Finally, having been ensorcelled with the horrible ‘Dreaded Lurgy’ spell, his strength failed and he became just another newly created character to die in the name of adventure. Though we didn’t get to see much of it, it was a fun solo and we’ll definitely be trying it out again.

And so, our table top gaming day was over. We had a great time as a family and really must make the effort to do this more often.

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