The Sun Shines on the Righteous, So Who Gets the Snow?


One of the members of the Tavernmaster Games Crew, I forget who precisely, was moaning today that there had not been a plethora of snowy images posted. I have, therefore decided to try to put this sorry state of affairs to rights with a few photographs taken over this weekend when my home in South Derbyshire, UK has been covered in a blanket of fluffy white material.



Darrgh T

Soul Survivor – New Free Mini Solo from TMG

Simon Tranter’s splendid house cover for Soul Survivor

Continuing our efforts to bring more free material for play with Tunnels & Trolls to you, TMG can announce the release at DriveThru RPG of Sid Orpin’s latest mini-solo adventure, Soul Survivor. First released in Trollszine #6, this version has been expanded by around 20% to 91 adventure paragraphs.
Intended for use with a single low-level character with no more than 30 combat adds, you engage in a race to escape from a nether world on the edge of reality where the demon Prince Baclitax’l and his fiendish hordes hold sway. At stake is your very soul.