All Things BEAN!

Into every life a little rain must fall, or so said the man in the corner shop when I was a lad! Well, it seems to me that a little too much rain has fallen on the lives of our great mate Jeff Freels and his partner Raquel Salinas; both of them now have kidney disease meaning they have to have dialysis 4 times per week. They are both warm and caring human beings and very creative too. We hope that they will both receive transplants in the fullness of time and be able to return to a more ‘normal’ lifestyle.

East of FabasseaIn order to have the medical treatment they need, they require some financial support which we at Tavernmaster Games have been pleased to try to help supply. The profit from some of our T&T projects goes straight to them and we have even done sponsored events and asked for donations when we’ve been at gaming events. Jeff himself, even with his health failing, has continued to come up with various creative projects to help swell the TF (‘Transplant Fund’) as he calls it. They can all be seen at his website Jeffwerx┬ábut perhaps the best of them, in my mind at least is the fabulous rules lite D2 role-playing game that is BEAN!

The Tomb Of TokirahRecently, there has been a great deal of activity as far as BEAN! is concerned. To add to the second edition BEAN! rulebook, there is now a supplement called World of Bean – detailing Terrafavus, the planet where the beanfolk live, full of ideas and maps to get the aspiring Beanmaster’s (BEAN! GM) creative juices flowing. In addition, I have written a new solo, East of Fabassea, the sequel to my first project Cellars of Castle Cassoulet┬áplus Mad Roy Cram has created a new GM adventure, Tomb of Tokirah. As always the artwork from Jeff himself is spectacular and even if I say so myself, the quality of all the BEAN! material is first rate. If you like gaming, and would like to help my friends, as well as adding a super new game to your library then visit the RPG Now website and download some of the material. It’s only a few dollars, some bits are even free, and you would be giving two really great people a much needed helping hand.

Sid Orpin
December 2012